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SpeedTrac X Baseball Radar

SpeedTrac X Baseball Radar

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  • Speedtrac X Sports Radar
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  • best speed gun for tennis
  • rechargeable speed radar gun
  • Non-handheld speed radar gun
  • Speedtrac X Sports Radar
  • how does a radar speed gun work?
  • accuracy of radar speed gun
One of the most innovative gadgets for recording ball speed. This baseball radar can measure pitch and hitting speeds - a must have for any aspiring MLB player.

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Improve Your Technique & Power with The SpeedTrac X Baseball Radar

baseball speed radar

Place or Hang Anywhere

This high-spec baseball radar features a handle which doubles up as a stand, meaning you can place it anywhere and track speeds as you play ball!

baseball radar gun

High-Visibility Display

The 2” LED display is clear and easy to read from a considerable distance allowing uninterrupted hitting and pitching practice.

baseball radar guns

Feature-Packed Baseball Radar

This superb piece of kit has several options to aid your baseball training, such as the Pro Mode, previous speed recall and changeable mph/kph speeds.


SpeedTrac X Baseball Radar - Evolve Your Slugging Average and Pitching Speed

Measure the speed of your pitching and hitting as you transform your game with this superb baseball speed radar - one of the most effective baseball training aids on the market. This niche gadget will allow you and your team to take their game to the next level.

  • Provides an accurate reading to help improve stance, technique and power.
  • High visibility 2" LED display (mph or kph options)
  • Speed range of a whopping 6-150mph (10-199kph) – capable of reading even Aroldis Chapman’s most fearsome fastball
  • Built-in carry handle which can be used as a stand
  • Auto shut-off to conserve battery power

The SpeedTrac X Baseball Speed Radar is able to measure the speed of almost any item moving through the air, and can be positioned on the ground for an instant reading using the built-in carry hand/stand. This makes it a fantastic baseball training aid for both hitters and pitchers, so you can put the hours in trying and testing adjustments to your stance and technique and discover how to unleash your true potential.

The 2” LED display can be seen from a distance, meaning both player and coach can see an instant reading of every hit or pitch. Moreover, with a whopping maximum reading of 150mph, you’ll never need an upgraded baseball radar.

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  • Height: 6.5in (16.5cm)
  • Width: 7in (17.8cm)
  • Depth: 2.3in (5.84cm)


  • Speed Range 6-150mph (10-199kph)
  • Recall previous speed button
  • 2" LED display (mph or kph options)
  • Pro Mode: Remove unwanted slower speeds (Range 35 - 150 mph)
  • Built-in carry/hanging handle/stand
  • Auto shut-off to conserve batteries


  • Suitable for use indoor and outdoor
  • Operates on 4x C 1.5v batteries
  • Optional AC adapter
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