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Pitching Machines

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Baseball Pitching Machines

The elite hitters in the Baseball Hall of Fame achieved greatness in the sport because of the hours they put the hours in on the training field with elite pitchers and pitching machines pushing them to their limits. Each and every fastball and breaking ball that they faced improved their decision making and muscle memory for when they stepped up to plate on game day, and now you can do the same. Practice like a pro with a Paceman pitching machine from Fortress and you’ll evolve into a superstar slugger and a valuable asset to any MLB team.

Every baseball pitching machine for sale at Fortress comes with realistic delivery functions, because you need to face a variety of pitches to feel prepared for whatever the pitcher can throw at you when you step up to the home plate. Inside and outside breaking ball will become as easy as pie with hours of practice in a baseball batting cage with your pitching machine, and belting fastballs out of the park will become second nature. At Fortress every baseball and softball pitching machine is tried and tested by teams around the world, so when you purchase baseball pitching machines from Fortress you know you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Taking pride of place in our repertoire of baseball pitching machines are the Paceman baseball and softball pitching machines. The prestigious Paceman brand is used by hundreds of thousands of sports teams across the globe and has the ability to supercharge the development of any baseball player that invests in one. All of the Paceman machines feature variable pitch speeds.

Youth Baseball Pitching Machine

The first baseball pitching machine in our collection is the Paceman Pitch Attack. Capable of pitch speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, this high-quality youth baseball pitching machine is perfect for all of the family. Its effortless assembly and lightweight design makes it perfect for playing ball wherever you go. Adding the optional battery kit will allow you to take your baseball and softball pitching machine on vacation and enjoy baseball for all the family.

Fortress recommend adding a 6 pack of mixed Paceman balls to your order when purchasing the Paceman Pitch Attack. This mixture of balls provides a variety of bounce and pitch speeds for all the family, including 2 Junior balls for your younger family members, 2 Light balls for your youngsters once they progress from Junior balls, and 2 LTD Paceman balls for the seasoned pro baseball hitters in your family.

The next step up from the Pitch Attack is the Paceman Original S2 baseball pitching machine. This superb piece of baseball training equipment is the benchmark of all baseball pitching machines, capable of delivery speeds of over 55 miles per hour – enough to test any little league star. Its built-in 3G Paceman drive mechanism is ultra-reliable and will prove to be one of your most valued baseball training aids for years to come. The Paceman Original S2 comes with a 12-ball automatic feeder to allow full automation of hitting training for up to 3 minutes at a time.

For use with the Paceman Original S2 we recommend the Paceman LTD Performance baseball pitching machine balls. These balls are perfect for players looking to make the step up from the Paceman light balls as they have an increased velocity and are slightly harder and heavier to develop batting power.

Advanced Baseball Pitching Machines

For entry-level baseball players the Paceman Strike offers pitch speeds of up 62 miles per hour. With 3 sturdy steel legs, a 1000w pure sine wave inverter and 12v battery, this robust baseball pitching machine is a fantastic piece of baseball training equipment kit and will prove a sound investment for season after season. The Paceman Strike is capable of catalysing development to the Major Leagues for advanced younger players looking for a reliable youth baseball pitching machine.

For the ultimate test, take a look at the king of all baseball pitching machines – the Paceman Pro X2. This dynamic baseball pitching machine boasts pitch speeds of a fearsome 68 miles per hour and will push you to your limits right in your own backyard. Its innovative pivot-head design enables realism unparalleled by any other pitching machine. If you’re a devoted baseball hitter, you should invest days upon end with the Paceman Pro X2 – arguably the best baseball pitch machine on the market – and see your batting score multiple as you develop into a formidable baseball belter.

If you’re serious about booking your place in a World Series of taking the baseball world by storm and entering the Hall of Fame, Fortress recommends using Paceman Regular balls with your Paceman baseball pitching machine. The regular balls are harder than any other Paceman ball and can only be used with the Paceman Pro and Paceman Strike baseball pitching machines, due to their heavier weight designed to test any hitter’s power.

Pair your baseball and softball pitching machine with a baseball batting cage of equal class and durability. The Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage & Poles is our best-selling cage and is perfect for any backyard or baseball training field. This affordable piece of baseball training equipment is available in 4 sizes meaning we’ve got the size perfect for you, ranging from 20ft in length to a whopping 70ft!

To complete the ultimate haven for any baseball hitter, add a baseball L screen and baseball windscreen to your order. This will ensure that when you show off your new-found power to your coach or training partner, they will be fully protected from your hardest hits. The baseball windscreen fully encloses you in your baseball arena, allowing you to focus away from distractions or blustering winds.

Fortress stock an extensive range of awesome baseball equipment for players and clubs of all abilities. Our incredible baseball training aids offer affordability that is unravelled anywhere in the world, and our portfolio has everything you need to reach the next level. The Fortress product portfolio boasts baseball batting cages, backstop netting systems for baseball, baseball mat, baseball field equipment and more.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team are happy to help you with any queries or custom requirements you may have, so give them a call and let Fortress revolutionize your batting game!