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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Strike]

Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Strike]

  • Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Baseball Training Equipment
  • Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Baseball Training Equipment
The Paceman Strike – capable of pitching speeds of up to 100kph (62mph) and adjustable length for variety on pitch types. 12 ball capacity automatic feeder included.

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Supercharge Training with The Paceman Strike Baseball Pitching Machine

Anyone from bush league beginners to established pros can drastically enhance their batting averages with the explosive Paceman Strike Pitching Machine. Invest in this superb package and embark on your mission to become an MLB superstar right to your very own backyard.

  • Variable pitch speeds of over 62mph – perfect for developing into a serious hitter
  • Adjustable head allows huge variation on pitch curve and length
  • 12-ball auto-feeder included as standard for completely automated hitting practice
  • 1 Paceman ball included so you can play ball straight away
  • Assemble in minutes and train hard for hours

Utilise the Paceman Strike’s fully adjustable head to allow any delivery you wish, allowing you to practice your batting technique for any pitch type from breaking balls to changeups. The phenomenal pitch speed of up to 100kmp (over 62mph) means you can well and truly conquer the fastball pitch, and a simple tilt adjustment provides batting practice for grounders and fly-balls.

Kit out your backyard like Fenway Park with a pairing of the Paceman Strike Pitching Machine and the FORTRESS Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage & Poles. When you or your youngsters step into the cage you’ll be sure to feel like an all-star and fast-track your path to the Big Leagues! Included in the Paceman Strike package is an auto feeder with a plentiful 12 ball-capacity, so throw 12 Paceman regular balls into your basket and spend more time belting them out of the ballpark!

Purchase your Paceman Strike with the optional Paceman portable battery pack and you will revolutionize your vacations as well as your baseball training! Attach the battery pack and start playing instantly wherever you are, meaning you can perfect your baseball or softball batting technique wherever you are. Practice on the go or enjoy playing ball on vacation, with adjustable pitch speeds suitable for all the family the possibilities are endless.

Please note: for maximum safety and performance, we recommend only Paceman Junior, Light, Regular or LTD balls are used with the Paceman Strike Pitching Machine.

   Housing  Motor  Speed  Ball Feeder  Drive Wheel  Adjustment  Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
 Original S2
 Plastic  AC  Up to 90kph  12 ball feeder included  PU  Pitch & Swing  Light, LTD & Mixed
 Strike  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder included  Concave TPR  Pitch  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
 Pro X2  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder optional  Concave TPR  Pitch, Swing & Spin  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg



  • Pitch speeds of up to a phenomenal 100kph (over 62mph!), depending on the ball used.
  • Variation on deliveries with an adjustable head-tilt.


  • 12 ball auto-feeder allows full automation loading up!
  • 1 Paceman ball to get you playing straight away. Additional balls can be added from the Essentials drop down above.


  • UK 3 pin plug and mains powered (220-240v). For US and Canada a step up voltage converter may be needed.
  • Optional battery pack ideal for use on the go. A powerful 1000w pure sine wave inverter and 12v battery allow 1-2 hours of use per charge. Battery charger not included.
  • Suitable for baseballs, cricket balls and softballs
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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Strike]

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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Strike]

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