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Paceman Pitching Machine 2021 [Pro X2]

Paceman Pitching Machine 2021 [Pro X2]

  • Paceman Baseball and Softball Machine
  • Paceman Baseball Throwing Machine
  • Paceman Batting Machine
  • Paceman Baseball and Softball Machine
  • Paceman Baseball Throwing Machine
  • Paceman Batting Machine
The Paceman Pro X2 Pitching machine boasts pitch speeds of up to 110kph (over 68mph). Pivot-head design allows inside and outside breaking balls.

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Introducing The Paceman Pro X2 - The Undisputed King of Baseball Pitching Machines

Paceman Pro X2 Ball Machine

Supersonic Pitch Speed

The Paceman Pro packs a punch with a pitch speed of up to 110kmp (over 68mph), so you can crank up the intensity as you evolve into a super sharp slugger.

Paceman Pro X2 Fastpitch Ball Machine

Go Yard in Your Own Yard

The Paceman Pro X2 will let you put the hours of practice in like an MLB professional from the comfort of your own backyard.

Paceman Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine

Play Ball On The Go

With the optional battery pack you can take your new personal pitcher with you wherever you go, with effortless assembly for full portability.


The Complete Baseball Pitching Machine – The Prestigious Paceman Pro X2

An MLB club-level batting aid at an affordable price, the Paceman Pro X2 is a fantastic piece of kit and a priceless tool for any baseball or softball hitter. Whether your child is a hopeful hitter with aspirations of becoming an all-star, or you’re an expert with an already impressive batting average, putting in the hours with the Paceman Pro X2 Pitching Machine will improve your technique – guaranteed!

  • Variable pitch speeds of over 68mph – perfect for serious baseball hitters
  • Adjustable head allows complete variation on pitch type
  • Optional 12-ball auto-feeder for uninterrupted automated hitting practice
  • 1 Paceman ball included so you can play ball straight away
  • Assemble in minutes and train hard for hours
  • Use any of the Paceman balls with the Pro X2 – including the fearsome Reg balls

The Paceman Pro’s simple yet innovative design makes it the complete fastpitch pitching machine. The pivot-head enables complete pitch control as you change the angle of the pitch and the speed of delivery, resulting in a realistic variety of pitches – from inside and outside breaking balls to fastballs, splitters and sliders!

Other baseball pitching machines just can’t compete with the prestigious Paceman Pro’s dynamism and affordability. The 12 ball automatic feeder provides full automation for your baseball or softball batting practice, making it the perfect baseball pitching machine for use with a batting cage. Throw 12 additional Paceman balls to your basket, load up your auto-feeder and enjoy endless hours of batting practice with your new personal baseball trainer.

The Paceman Pro X2 fastball pitching machine is elite equipment for baseball or softball training and, paired with the optional Paceman battery kit, it will catalyse batting development wherever you go. Investing in a high-level baseball pitching machine such as the Paceman Pro X2 should revolutionize your ability and enjoyment or baseball, and for this to happen it should be used as much as possible. So to utilise this baseball hitting machine and get the very best out of you or your MLB-aspiring batters, the Paceman battery kit is essential to allow use at home and on the road.

So if you’re looking for a baseball hitting machine that packs a punch, look no further than the Paceman Pro X2 Baseball Pitching Machine.

   Housing  Motor  Speed  Ball Feeder  Drive Wheel  Adjustment  Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
 Original S2
 Plastic  AC  Up to 90kph  12 ball feeder included  PU  Pitch & Swing  Light, LTD & Mixed
 Strike  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder included  Concave TPR  Pitch  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
 Pro X2  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder optional  Concave TPR  Pitch, Swing & Spin  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg



  • Variable speed control up to a sensational 110kph (more than 68mph)
  • Pivot-head design for control of pitch length and type, allowing short and long pitches, inside and outside breaking balls
  • Maintenance-free concave molded Thermoplastic Rubber wheel
  • Strong metal structure with a high-powered Titan ½ Horsepower DC motor


  • 1 x Paceman ball, more balls can be bought here through the essentials drop down menu


  • Suitable for use with any of the Paceman balls - Reg, LTD, Light and Junior
  • Effortless assembly and transportation
  • UK mains powered (220-240v), fitted with a UK 3 pin plug. For the USA a step up voltage converter may be needed to run the machine.
  • Alternatively add the optional automatic ball feeder or 1000w pure sine wave inverter and 12v deep cycle battery pack to your basket for instant play (charger not included).
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