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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

    Buy Paceman Pitch Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Paceman Pitch Attach Softball Pitching Machine 2018 Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine Pitch Attack for Sale
  • Buy Paceman Pitch Attack Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Paceman Pitch Attach Softball Pitching Machine 2018
  • Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine Pitch Attack for Sale
Paceman Pitch Attack Pitching Machine - the safest ball machine on the market! 6 ball auto-feeder included, capable of grounders, fastballs and pop-flys.

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Prestigious Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine At An Awesome Price!

Paceman Pitch Attack bowling machine

Practice Makes Perfect

This fantastic machine will boost your kid’s batting average and see them transform from a League League hopeful to an MLB hotshot!

Paceman 2018 Pitch Attack Ball Machine

Effortlessly Easy Assembly

With the Paceman Pitch Attack ball machine you can bring Spring Training to your backyard in minutes, with easy assembly and transportation.

Cheap Paceman Bowling Machine For Sale

Optional Battery Kit

Cover all bases by adding the high-power optional battery kit to your Paceman Pitch Attack 2018. Transform your vacations with baseball practice on the go!


Barrel Up The Ball For Hours With The Paceman Baseball Pitching Machine

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your batting practice or provide endless entertainment for the family, the Paceman Pitch Attack Pitching Machine 2018 is the answer to your prayers. The most affordable option from the renowned Paceman bowling machine collection, the Paceman Pitch Attack offers you the sublime reliable qualities of club-level pitching machines at a dazzlingly low price. Ideal for your very own backyard, the Paceman will see your budding batters supercharge their progression and evolve from hopeful hitters to heroic All-Stars!

  • Variable pitch speeds of up to 50mph – perfect for all the family
  • Adjustable head allows varied delivery curve and length
  • 6-ball auto-feeder included for automated baseball practice
  • 1 Paceman ball included for instant play
  • Assemble in just a few seconds and enjoy playing ball for hours

Rest assured that when you buy a bowling or pitching machine from the dependable Paceman range, you’ll be providing your family, baseball or softball club with a tried and tested piece of kit for many years to come. Enjoy limitless hours of fun with the family from your own backyard or add the Paceman battery kit to your order and enjoy using your tremendous Paceman Pitch Attack wherever you like! With effortless assembly, easy transportation and 2-3 hours of power per charge, you can play ball wherever, whenever.

With adjustable speed and curve on deliveries, the Paceman Pitch Attack is truly dynamic and capable of preparing you for a multitude of pitches. Ramp up the speed for fastballs or adjust the direction and curve for grounders and pop-fly pitches. The adjustable speed also means that the Paceman Pitch Attack can be used by anyone, no matter their age or ability levels, making it perfect for family entertainment at home or on vacation.

Want to put the hours without interruption? The automatic 6 ball-capacity feeder will allow seamless batting practice, with pitches every 9 seconds. An essential for any aspiring baseball or softball player looking to develop their technique and strength, the auto-feeder enables quickfire deliveries which will fine-tune your muscle memory and reaction speeds when you step up to the plate. To take advantage of this fantastic feature, add one of the optional packs of Paceman balls from the ‘Essentials’ drop-down menu. Choose from the 6 Pack of Paceman Mixed Machine Balls ideal for mixed ability groups or fun with the family, or the 12 packs of Paceman Light, Regular, or LTD Machine Balls for consistent pitches perfect for your batting practice.

So galvanize your youngsters and unleash them with this illustrious pitching and bowling machine from Paceman, then sit back and watch them blast their way to the Big Leagues!

   Housing  Motor  Speed  Ball Feeder  Drive Wheel  Adjustment  Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
 Original S2
 Plastic  AC  Up to 90kph  12 ball feeder included  PU  Pitch & Swing  Light, LTD & Mixed
 Strike  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder included  Concave TPR  Pitch  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
 Pro X2  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder optional  Concave TPR  Pitch, Swing & Spin  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg


Key Features

  • Pitch speeds of over 80kph (nearly 50mph), depending on which Paceman ball is used.
  • Adjustable delivery curve, length and speed, allowing fastball, grounders and pop-fly pitches.


  • 6 ball automatic feeder included in package.
  • 1 Paceman ball included. Additional balls can be purchased for the Essentials drop-down menu above.


  • UK mains powered (220-240v) with 3 pin plug. For the US a step up voltage converter may be required.
  • Optional battery pack recommended for use on the go – 300w inverter and 12v battery enabling 2-3 hours of use. Please note the battery charger is not included.
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