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Baseball Field Equipment & Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment

Every baseball player deserves a stage fit to showcase their talent. Players of all abilities, from little league amateurs to big league professionals, can only reach their full potential on a great baseball field. An uneven field without the necessary baseball field equipment could cause major interferences during a game and lead to errors, unfair advantages, rainouts and a huge amount of frustration all round. On the flip-side, an awesome diamond kept in shape with the right baseball field equipment provides an even playing field without unfair disadvantages, fewer postponed games and much happier baseball players and coaches.

At Fortress we understand the importance of kitting out your diamond with industry-leading baseball field equipment and keeping it in pristine condition with proper baseball field maintenance equipment, no matter what level of playing it hosts. Our team of expert baseball fanatics ensure that every item we manufacture and supply are of the highest standard, fit for any MLB club.

Our repertoire of baseball field equipment has everything you need for your field, starting with the essential range of baseball field covers we stock. The number of key plays that take place in the infield is endless, from a slick double play at second base to an outrageous suicide squeeze play, and these plays require an equally impressive surface. Equipping your team with the proper baseball field maintenance equipment will ensure that they can perfect these plays, amongst hundreds of others, without the embarrassment of a slip or a rainout caused by a wet surface.

To protect your home plate, pitcher’s mound and bases from wet or cold weather, our strong and durable covers are sure to last season after season, and at our exceptionally low prices they’ll prove to be a sound investment offering real value for money. Our Little League Baseball Base Cover Bundle is designed to meet the requirements of little league clubs and doubles up as baseball softball field equipment, with slightly smaller covers than our Big League Baseball Base Cover Bundle. Both bundles include 36 sandbags to keep the covers in place and both have eyelets should you wish to further secure your covers to your field.

For teams that require full coverage of their diamond to offer maximum protection, the Fortress Professional Grade Baseball Field Tarp Cover 175gsm (6.5oz) is the ultimate piece of baseball field maintenance equipment. Acting as a fantastically effective way of preventing divots, holes and damage caused by adverse weather conditions, this superb 100% weatherproof, high-spec field cover will revolutionise your playing surface. Super-strength reinforced edges have been added to prevent fraying and grab handles allow easy application.

The next key component of our range of baseball field equipment is our baseball backstop netting. Used to ensure the safeguarding of crowds and surroundings as well as to contain baseballs, every Fortress baseball net is highly durable, long-lasting and 100% weatherproof thanks to its UV treatment. We have a number of high quality temporary, permanent and mobile backstop netting systems for every budget and requirement. Our Aluminum Ball Stop System Posts and netting can be purchased separately or as a complete package and offer reliable protection for your baseball field for years to come.

If you require heavy duty backstop netting to provide protection covering a wide span, whether that’s to safeguard crowds or prevent damage to buildings, the Fortress Mobile Ball Stop Net covers an astonishing 130ft width and 19ft height. This exceptional netting is the complete solution to your baseball backstop netting needs and will evolve any baseball field into a professional standard ballpark. Effortlessly move the 4 stabilization points fitted with 360 degree wheels to cover whichever area you require, it is a truly dynamic backstop netting system for baseball.

Ensuring your field markings are clear for all to see is paramount to the professionalism of your team. Finding the right baseball field equipment at the right prices to mark out the lines of your diamond can, however, prove tiresome, but look no further than Fortress for the answer to your problems. We manufacture line marking machines for every budget, with each machine offering a consistent line thickness and finish to make your diamond MLB-ready.

The Fortress Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker For Sports Pitches is a fantastic piece of baseball field maintenance equipment with 3 different line thicknesses available to choose from. Its expert design is highly effective at providing a consistent line, with large tubed pneumatic tyres offering excellent stability for line marking and protection to your field whilst doing so. For spray line marker machines look no further than the Atom Electric and GMX Electric Spray Marking Machine for sports pitches, or for the ultimate line marking machine indulge yourself in the Motorised Line Marking Trike – saving you hours of time over the season and turning a chore into an effortless task.

To ensure that your lines are straight and the correct distance apart, the PliFix©Grass Marking Carrots Tufts and Metric Measuring Wheel are the perfect answer. By making a small 4 inch hole and inserting the PliFix tufts into the ground, you can measure once and leave them in the ground for use time and time again. Moreover, you can rest assured that the material is “mow-proof” so it won’t damage any of your machines.

The Fortress Baseball Infield Broom will provide an even surface and remove any divots or marks. With 3 different brush sizes, thermoplastic coated steel framework and stiff nylon bristle heads, you can invest safe in the knowledge that this infield broom will last your club a lifetime.

When you buy Fortress baseball field equipment and baseball field maintenance equipment, you’re in the hands of experts with a true passion for America’s pastime and exceptional customer care. Our team are always available to answer your queries and can provide quotes instantly for custom orders to meet your exact requirements. Our super speedy warehouse and delivery teams provide unbeatable lead times with same day dispatch, wherever in the world you may be.

So invest in Fortress baseball equipment and take your team to the next level!