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    Baseball Batter's Eye Screen

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    Baseball Windscreen

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Upgrade Your Ballpark With A Fortress Baseball Windscreen

For baseball teams and players alike, weather conditions can have a huge bearing on a ball game. If a game is played on a windy day it can have a profound influence on the outcome due to the fine margins that can completely swing momentum and the scoreboard. With the wind blowing all aspects of the game become harder, from hitting homers to catching fly balls, so to utilise the home advantage and give your team the best chance of success, a baseball windscreen is a must.

Baseball windscreens are the foundation of Fortress baseball field equipment and were one of the first products we started manufacturing many years ago. Our years of experience manufacturing them has seen our baseball screens develop to the point they are at now, offering maximum efficiency and practicality for baseball clubs and players all over the world. High quality, durable and visually impressive, each baseball windscreen for sale from Fortress has been designed by baseball fanatics and engineering experts. Covering up plain or tired looking chain link fences with a brand-new screen will result in an invigorated field, making the Fortress baseball windscreen a breath-taking addition to any ballpark.

Our baseball outfield windscreen is hemmed, available in black and green, and PVC banded with eyelets at 2-inch intervals, making it easy to erect and disassemble. Treating each of our screens with UV stabilization drastically increases their product life, so you can rest assured that your purchase will stand the test of time, and a high-density polyethylene twine ensures these screens can take the impact on any baseball. As you expect from every Fortress product, all our baseball windscreens have a superior finish quality, making them a fantastic addition to any club’s baseball field equipment.

The Fortress Baseball Outfield Windscreen blocks 70% of the wind but still allows a 30% airflow. This is paramount to ensure that players still enjoy a small breeze in hot playing conditions. They can also serve a key purpose to prevent unwanted onlookers and distractions to your hitters, pitchers and fielders, enhancing the focus of your players when they play ball. These screens can also reduce the noise entering your ballpark which can often occur if situated next to a busy road. With standard size baseball windscreens spanning up to 60ft, you can cover your whole outfield fence.

Custom Baseball Screens

Fortress baseball stocks thousands of baseball windscreens at any one time. However, we understand that you may require a screen that fits your specific requirements. If this is the case then please get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable members of staff.

Our custom size and print baseball screen is one of our best sellers thanks to its hugely diverse range of functions. As well as its primary function of blocking winds to allow your team to bat, throw and catch accurately, the custom size and print baseball windscreen can transform your bush league ballpark to a Major League masterpiece, boasting your team colors and badge. When your team turns up to the ball game they’ll feel a million dollars, proud to represent a baseball club with an identity. Moreover, your opponents will arrive at your ballpark knowing that they’re in for a battle with a team that takes the game seriously.

If you’re looking to attract sponsors to your ballpark, then the Fortress custom size and print baseball windscreen is the perfect solution. As well as being incredibly practical and helping to improve the standard of the ball game, these baseball screens boast a huge surface area that can be printed with sponsor names, logos, website addresses and phone numbers to reach a new market. Not only will this additional revenue mean that your new baseball field windscreen essentially pays for itself, it will also increase your budget allowing you to reinvest in upgrading the rest of your baseball field equipment. Or for professional clubs, you can reinvest the money from your new revenue stream to attract better players to fire you to the World Series.

Baseball screens can also provide shade for spectators in how weather. Our custom baseball windscreen can allow up to 50% of wind through, meaning you can provide a perfect balance of shade and through breeze without completely blocking the view of the baseball field.

Baseball clubs often possess a wide range of baseball training equipment to allow their players to reach their full potential and flourish into MLB superstars. Baseball pitching machines, portable backstop netting, baseball batting cages and baseball field maintenance equipment is valuable and not all clubs have the space to store them indoors. Storage crates are useful but can be targeted by thieves, so covering them away from the view of a busy road of sidewalk is advisable. This is another purpose of the diverse Fortress baseball windscreens as it can camouflage storage areas.

For baseball fans and play at home heroes, there’s nothing better than spending a morning or afternoon in a batting cage in your very own backyard. Adding a baseball windscreen to either the interior or exterior of your baseball batting cage will close off the elements and any distractions, letting you focus 100% on improving your batting average as you swing for the fences.

At Fortress we pride ourselves on delivering baseball training equipment and baseball field equipment of the highest standards. No matter what level you or your baseball club are at, or how big or small your budget may be, Fortress have the baseball equipment perfect to take you to the next level. Our affordable range of long-lasting, high performance products covers all bases, including baseball windscreens, pitching machines, baseball batting cages, radar guns and more.

Our friendly team of sports-mad understand the need for high quality customer service and fast delivery. They’re always happy to help you should you need product details, advice, assembly instructions or if you have a customer order that you need a quote for. So, give us a call today and let Fortress revolutionize your baseball field and take your team to the Major Leagues!