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Baseball Radar Guns

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Baseball Radar Guns

The baseball pitch is an art form. One of the most difficult arts to master in sport, professional pitchers not only require incredible technique to generate ball curve and spin, but also great upper body strength to pitch at unhittable speeds. The only way to achieve a truly terrifying outside slider is to put the hours in – practice makes perfect!

Aroldis Chapman’s fastest pitch on MLB record, a blistering 105.1 mile per hour pitch for the Cincinnati Reds against Baltimore's J.J. Hardy, was no fluke. Chapman is quite possibly the fastest pitcher ever, and he consistently pitches at over 100 miles per hour thanks to his sheer determination to constantly improve and increase his pitch speed. He’s an inspiration to baseball pitchers around the world, and thanks to the help of a baseball radar gun, you can grow to pitch at supersonic speeds too.

A baseball radar gun can be a lethal weapon for pitchers because they allow constant measurement of pitch speeds. By making minor tweaks to your technique, you can measure the affect and concentrate your efforts on maximizing your throwing power. The first of these minor adjustments that can make a major difference is your stride length. Making a fast, long stride makes a huge difference to your pitch speed as it is the foundation for creating torque. The second change is hip and shoulder separation, in the form of a pivot before the stride, responsible for 80% of the velocity of your pitches. The final change is the speed of which you can uncock your forearm. Combining changes to these three aspects of pitching with the best baseball radar gun will revolutionize your pitching and strike fear in the eyes of every hitter.

At Fortress we realise the value of a radar gun for baseball and that’s why we stock only the best. We’ve got a baseball radar gun for clubs and players of every level and budget, starting with the SpeedTrac X Sports Radar. This innovative piece of baseball equipment has a 2” LED display and is accurate to within 1-2 miles per hour. With a speed range of 6-150 miles per hour this baseball radar gun is more than sufficient to measure the pitch speeds of Aroldis Chapman himself, and will be the perfect baseball training aid for you in your journey from the little leagues to the Major Leagues. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, this radar gun for baseball comes with a handy carry handle that doubles up as a stand.

Next in our collection of baseball radar guns is the Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SRA3000 Tracer. This baseball radar gun is a superb piece of baseball equipment and is highly accurate, measuring speeds to the nearest mile per hour. A must-have for baseball coaches across the world, the Sports Ball radar gun baseball can measure speeds of up to 199 miles per hour and has an astonishing battery life of up to 100 hours. Its unique design allows for use with its trigger to measure one-off speeds but also has a continuous mode for uninterrupted baseball training.

The third and final baseball radar gun in our repertoire is the prestigious Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SR3600. The next step up from the SRA3000 Tracer, the SR3600 can measure ridiculous speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. With point and shoot technology, optional mph/kph readings, a hands-free mode and a data port, this sensational piece of equipment is the best baseball radar gun on the market. To fully utilise this radar gun for baseball, an optional 4 inch or 8 inch LED screen can be added to your order to provide clear readings from a distance.

For either of the Sports Ball Radar Speed Guns available from Fortress baseball, the fantastically useful Tripod Stand For Sports Ball Radar Speed Guns can be added to provide perfect stability and therefore accuracy of readings. The 48”- 54” lightweight tripod can be easily transported and is strong enough to support the 4 inch and 8 inch LED screens also.

For aspiring pitchers, a baseball radar gun goes hand in hand with a baseball vinyl net saver with a target indicating the strike zone. This will let you practice your sliders, fastballs and breaking balls independently without damaging your baseball netting cage.

The Fortress collection of baseball radar guns are diverse baseball training aids, capable of improving players of every position and ability, and one of their awesome uses for the baseball radar gun is to monitor the improvement of batting power. The power of a hitter depends on both their technique and upper body strength, a radar gun for baseball placed using a Tripod Stand For Sports Ball Radar Speed Guns will enable invaluable data collection on the hitter’s improvement from training both of these aspects.

Whether you’re interested in buying a radar gun, baseball training equipment or baseball field equipment, you know that you’re in the hands of baseball fanatics with a huge passion for providing world class customer service when you purchase from Fortress. With a helpful, friendly customer service assistant ready to answer your questions, provide advice or give an instant quote for your bespoke needs, we’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with Fortress’s award-winning team of staff.

Kit out your backyard or baseball training field with a Fortress Ultimate batting cage, Paceman pitching machine and a baseball radar gun. This dream team trio is guaranteed to see your batting average multiple and your baseball career fast track to the World Series.

Fortress are your one-stop-shop for all of your baseball equipment needs. Our extensive range of radar guns, baseball training equipment and baseball field maintenance equipment is of the highest standard and is unparalleled worldwide. Our team of devoted baseball fans will have your items to your door within 1 working day, with same day dispatch on all standard orders. Please note lead times for custom orders may be slightly longer depending on the item. If you have any questions on lead times, please call one of our friendly team and they will be glad to assist you.

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