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Baseball Matting

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    Baseball Cage Matting

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    Heavy Duty Tape For Baseball Matting

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Baseball Hitting Mat & Batting Cage Mat

For baseball fans and players alike, there’s nothing better than spending hour after hour in a batting cage with a pitcher or pitching machine, belting balls as hard as you can into the baseball cage netting. The cage is where great hitters are born and developed, as the devoted put in the hours of practice fine tuning their batting techniques. The only problems these devoted hitters face are adverse weather conditions and wearing to their backyard or training field. Fortress baseball hitting mat is the best solution to this problem.

Fortress baseball mat is engineered using the best materials for supreme durability. Using our baseball hitting mats are a sure-fire way to protect your backyard or training field and ensure that you can hit big-flies and belters all day, every day. As you expect from all Fortress baseball equipment, we have paid extremely close attention to the finest details of every attribute of our baseball batting cage mat to provide you with the highest quality possible. And as you would also expect from Fortress, we offer astonishing value for money.

All our baseball mats are highly resistant to wear from batter foot turning, as well as being spike resistant so you can play ball as if you’re playing on a real surface. Thanks to their 11mm thick and 9mm pile height of the highest quality green artificial turf they are guaranteed to last for many years and will give a professional look to your home baseball arena. Their needle punch construction makes these baseball hitting mats permeable, meaning they’ll let water through, so they can be left out in the rain without gathering water.

Our selection of baseball hitting mat is available in a huge range of sizes. There are 4 different lengths to choose from; 20ft, 35ft, 55ft, and 70ft, and each of these lengths have 3 different matting widths to select from; 6.5ft, 9ft, and 12ft. This means that we’re guaranteed to have a size to suit your exact requirements.

Our baseball hitting mat is dynamic and can be used both indoor and outdoor. If you or your baseball team has access to indoor batting tunnels, then Fortress batting mats can be added to provide a realistic surface for your batting training. Our mat can also be used as a softball mat, so for years to come, your team will be able enjoy all-year-round training to give them a huge advantage over other teams and supercharge their development to the Major Leagues.

At Fortress we stock thousands of baseball batting cage mats. However, we understand that you may require a size to baseball hitting mat that is specific to your backyard, batting cage or training facility. The good news is that we can cut matting in any size you require. Please get in touch with one of our friendly, well-informed members of staff for an instant quote!

To fix your new baseball hitting mat to any hard surface, the Flexibond Baseball Mat Glue is a fantastic adhesive for a long-lasting and reliable solution. This glue is extremely strong making it perfect for securing a heavy-duty Fortress baseball mat. It is also 100% weatherproof, so you can use it on hard surfaces outdoors without worrying about wet or cold weather causing your batting mats to slip or move during intense training sessions.

For a quicker, cheaper solution to stick your baseball hitting mat to a hard surface, the Fortress Baseball Matting Double Sided Tape offers sensational value for money. 164 ft in length and 2in in width, this white tape requires no expert as it’s effortless to apply and will get you playing ball in no time at all. If you’re unsure on which type of adhesive is suitable for your facility, get in touch with our helpful customer care team.

Storing and moving your baseball hitting mats can prove to be a painstaking chore. High quality, durable baseball mats are often very heavy and can cause serious injury if they are not carried and transported in the correct way with the right equipment. Fortress understand the risks of doing so and have the perfect solution for your team no matter what the level or budget of your team.

Our most cost-effective solution to carry your baseball hitting mat is the Fortress Baseball Matting Trolley – a high durable and sturdy trolley perfect for effortless transportation of your baseball mat. Suitable for use with 6.5ft wide matting, this trolley is used in a number of schools, colleges and baseball clubs across the world, and the minimalist design of this trolley makes it super easy and safe to use. The steel frame offers sturdiness and the 4 wheels make manoeuvring this matting trolley a breeze.

If you or your baseball club have more than one baseball hitting mat to store and transport, then Fortress have got you covered, as we have baseball mat trolleys with a capacity of 2 and 4 mats. These highly robust trolleys are essential for clubs with very large batting mats and will save your team huge amounts of time and effort before and after baseball practice.

Every time you invest in Fortress baseball equipment, you’re making a smart investment that will see your baseball club or backyard equipped with the best tools, engineered using the latest materials, to provide long-term success. You can rest assured that you will be fully taken care of by every department of our fantastic workforce, starting with the customer care team who are always happy to help you with any queries or custom requirements you may have. Once you’ve placed your order, our warehouse team will dispatch your items on the same day, passing them on to our supersonic delivery team to deliver to your door within 1 working day.

Designed to boast a life span of over 20 years, every Fortress baseball hitting mat is of the highest standard. So equip your batting cage with the best batting cage mat and enjoy endless hours of batting practice with Fortress baseball equipment.