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Baseball Backstop Netting

Baseball Backstop Netting

  • Baseball Backstop Net
  • Fortress Baseball Backstop Nets
  • Baseball Backstop Nets
  • Sports Backstop Nets | Fortress Baseball
  • Sports Backstop Nets | Baseball Netting
  • Baseball Backstop Nets
  • Baseball Backstop Net
  • Baseball Backstop Netting
  • Fortress Baseball Backstop Nets
  • Baseball Backstop Nets
  • Sports Backstop Nets | Fortress Baseball
  • Sports Backstop Nets | Baseball Netting
  • Baseball Backstop Nets
Professional quality baseball backstop netting available in large pre-cut sizes. High-density twine is UV stabilized and rot proof for all-year-round protection.

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Elite Level Baseball Backstop Netting For Protecting Spectators and Surroundings

baseball backstop nets

Reinforced Netting Edges

Fortress baseball backstop nets are doubled-up on all four sides to stop them from fraying and increase their longevity.

baseball backstop netting

Easily Attach To Support Posts

Safeguard your spectators and contain stray baseballs by easily securing this diverse netting to posts or wires.

baseball nets for sale

Super-Strong Twine

The high-density #42 weight netting is of the highest standard and is weatherproof, sure to last at your facility for years.


MLB-Standard Baseball Backstop Netting For Your Baseball Field

Rejuvenate your field and protect your spectators and surroundings with the strongest, most reliable baseball backstop nets on the market. Already taking pride of place at thousands of baseball fields worldwide at every level from professional to amateur, you can count on Fortress’s high-quality baseball netting for seasons to come.

  • Select the right baseball backstop netting size for you, with heights from 4ft to 50ft and lengths from 100ft to 820ft
  • Super-strength high-density #42 grade poly twine – able to contain any baseball pitch or hit
  • Doubled-up edges stop fraying and increase the lifespan of your baseball backstop netting
  • UV stabilized to stop fading or stretching in direct sunlight of any intensity
  • Weatherproof allowing you to leave out your netting in wet conditions

This diverse baseball backstop net can be utilized for a whole host of purposes on your baseball field or training field. Its flexible construction allows for hanging from fixed wires as well as fixing to netting support poles. With a range of sizes spanning up to a whopping 820ft long, you can fully enclose your baseball field and ensure protection for year after year.

Take a look at our extensive range of baseball field equipment that, combined with your baseball backstop netting, will revolutionize your field into a big league ballpark. From baseball backstop netting to base covers and line markers, Fortress is your one-stop-shop for everything baseball.



  • Heights available: 4ft (1.22m), 7ft (2.13m), 9ft (2.74m), 10ft (3.05m), 12ft (3.66m), 14ft (4.27m), 16ft (4.88m), 20ft (6.1m), 25ft (7.62m), 35ft (10.7m), 50ft (15.2m)
  • Lengths available: 100ft (30.5m), 200ft (61m), 500ft (152m), 820ft (250m).
  • Mesh size: 2” (48mm)
  • Twine thickness: 5/64” (2mm)


  • #42 grade high-density polymer twine
  • UV stabilized to withstand the highest intensity of direct sunlight
  • Double-up netting edges to stop fraying
  • Rot proof


  • Color: Black
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Can I get a backstop net at 2.5 mm or greater, 20' high and 200' I just got a quote on 25' x 200', but I think I need a bit stronger, plus I decided to only go 20' high instead of 25'.


Hello Paul, Thank you for your question. We can aim to get a different strength in twine available. Please email sales@networldsports.com so we can get a new quotation across to you. Many thanks, Tom