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Baseball Radar Guns

Record Your Pitchers Fastball Speeds Out On The Field!

From Little League To MLB Standard Radar Guns, Net World Baseball Will Have You Recording Pitcher Speeds In No Time At All!

Radar guns are the perfect way to track the velocity and heat that your pitching staff can produce. Whether you're a High School/College side, a Minor League outfit or play in the Big Leagues, this range of Radar Guns will allow you to track pitch speed and monitor player development!

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  1. Baseball Radar Kit

    Sports Radar SR-3600 Baseball Gun Kit



    The most efficient and best value speed gun on the market. This kit includes Radar Gun, Mains Adapter, Hard Gun Case, DS400 Display with Stand & Tripod Learn More
  2. Baseball Radar Gun | Net World Sports

    Baseball Radar Gun SR-3600 Radar



    Accurately gauge the power behind your hits and throw. This gun is exceptionally easy to use and can measure speeds up to 250 mph. This is the best training tool available. Learn More
  3. Baseball Radar Gadget | Net World Sports

    SpeedTrac X Baseball Radar



    One of the most innovative gadgets for recording ball speed. Improve your overall Baseball game from technique to power. A must have for any aspiring pitcher. Learn More
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